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For Computer Room Air Conditioning and ventilation we supply and install a complete range of Direct Expansion, Chilled water and Dual flow systems to provide a bespoke solution to your specific needs. Flexibility and efficiency assured in design and solution.

Close Control Perimeter Cooling Units (DX & CHW)
Airside Economiser Hoods

In-the-Row Cooling Units (DX & CHW)

High Density Solutions (DX & CHW)

Rear Door Cooling

Server Racks

Power Distribution Units

Containment Systems (Cold & Hot Aisle)

EC Fan Upgrades

Data Centre Monitoring

Data Centre Energy Assessments

Containerised Solutions

Eurovent Certified

For more information on our computer room air conditioning and ventilation products please email us at the address below.



PDX        PCW      CRV        SmartAisle          DCL        DCD       XD          DCM      CONT

Reference Docs

CONT.pdf CRV.pdf DCD.pdf
DCL.pdf DCM.pdf HPC F-C.pdf
HPC-S.pdf PCW.pdf PDX.pdf
SmartAisle.pdf XD.pdf

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